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Perrieri Protect Unisex Health Anion Herbs Deodorant Insole PS-001 (Black)
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 29 cm x 3 cm
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About The Insole
This product is 100% made of pure rubber foam insole, our deodorant insole is made of organic pure natural rubber foam and applied successfully patents over the years, became great technology material products.
The deodorant insole has high resilience, shock absorption, energy, super durable, soft and comfortable. This product is containing herbs ingredients for warm meridians, relieving rheumatism and cold, relax muscles. Its able to be activating blood and dredging collaterals, expelling wind, moisturizing and relieving itching.
1. Ergonomically designed, release pressure from feet.
2. Reduce Foot Fatigue.
3. Insole has high resilience, protect, and improve leisure sport, safety with impact resistance.
4. 4.Super durable, soft and comfortable, massage for pressure point on feet.
5. Durability, good condition in anytime.

Antifungal molecule
Health Anion
Add Biomolecules
Antibacterial and deodorant molecules

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